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The future of Indian Football



Indian Protege in England

My name, Rohan Sharma, born and raised in South Korea. I went through South Korea's youth system till the age of 11 years. When I hit 12 years, I made the jump to play in England, based in East Sussex, south of England. Within one and a half academic years, I have climbed up the ranks, from a player for my school, to district representative of Sussex. This awarded me the spot of being amongst the best footballers in the whole of England. This will all lead to my eventual goal of signing to a category 1 academy (essentially a premier league club). I have also gained experiences of playing in professional stadiums in cup finals, in which I have scored goals. On that note, I have had showcases for teams such as Chelsea and Brighton&Hove Albion at their facilities. I was due to play more showcases for Crystal Palace, Charlton, QPR, Brighton&Hove Albion, and a few other clubs. I have played with and against players of Chelsea, Arsenal, Crystal Palace, Brighton, Fulham, and the list goes on.

Current Teams!!
-> Sussex County, UK
-> South East Sussex Team, UK
-> Claremont Academy, UK

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